John mayer dating married girlfriend wife

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, you feel that there will still be some people waiting for him to do the dirty on her.But even to consider that such thoughts could affect affairs of the heart is an affront to the humanity and sensitivity of his music; and to suggest such a notion is to crawl ever farther up that elephant's rear end.'I've never cheated on anybody, so you won't have anybody coming out the woodwork saying that I have,' he says.Although he and Aniston have not been seeing one another for long, it is already happening to Mayer, whose past relationships have been pored over in an attempt to portray him as a womaniser.An old blog, in which he transcribed some song ideas designed to show the contrary nature of love, was widely - and erroneously - reported as a public get-out-of-my-life message to an unnamed former lover; his explanatory follow-up was ignored. Even if Mayer and Aniston were to marry, have children and sell the pictures of their ruby wedding anniversary party to 2050's version of Hello!" And done so in a social setting, where other people can see you.And then maybe "Would you like to go have another meal? And then, when I realised that I didn't wanna wrong anybody by continuing, said, "I'd rather be a great friend to you than a bad boyfriend." I swear to God, I have a really good track record!

'It's a really heroic moment,' Mayer says, 'so that informed the heroic side of guitar-playing.' He has described a need to win the approval of his schoolteacher parents, who felt that his hobby should remain just that.Slowhand even invited the young pretender to stay at his London home.'Visiting and spending time with him was very important,' Mayer says. The thing that was passed on was, "You don't need any of what I went through: you can have where I'm at right now." Isn't that great?'Instead of worrying about career damage, I've dated women.All I've ever done was decided that I fancied somebody, and said, "Would you like to go out and get a meal somewhere?

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